Student Missions

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Junior High

Mission Academy | Tulsa, OK

March 15-18, 2020
Mission Academy is First Methodist’s training ground for student mission. The goal of Mission Academy is to cultivate within the hearts of students an understanding of their role in serving the world, the body of Christ, and their heavenly father. It is designed to involve students in mission and open their eyes to the important role they have in the body of Christ. 

Junior High Mission | St. Louis, MO

July 18-24, 2020 Trip Cancelled
Junior High Mission is designed to take our mission experiences to the next level outside of Tulsa. It is designed to show Junior High students that they can be the hands and feet of Jesus and be used mightily by God wherever they go. It is designed to have them realize their need for God and that He desires to be an active part of their life.

Senior High

Day of Service | Tulsa, OK

March 16, 2020
Our High School Community Day of Service is replacing our Aaron and Hur track for 2020. This is a one day of mission that we can pour into and give back to our community. We will be serving all over Tulsa and partnering with ministries that are already doing amazing ministry. Our goal is to love Tulsa and show people that Christians care about their community.

Mission Tour | Baton Rouge, LA

May 30-June 6, 2020 Trip Cancelled
Mission Tour is deep in our DNA as Firsties. God has used it for half a century to change lives. From rising 9th graders to just graduated seniors, students find Christ and new life on Mission Tour… they find the ability to focus on others instead of self….and they find new friends and community. The method is simple. We find a place where God is at work and join him there….in worship, in service, and in community. That is the very heartbeat of what it means to follow Jesus. So we remind ourselves together and come home to live refreshed and new.

Advanced Trips

Field Focus | Montego Bay, Jamaica

July 26-August 1, 2020 Trip Cancelled
In Field Focus we study a theme that informs our worldview for part I of the trip, then we go to the lab to experience that theme in action. That is part II. This year we are excited about how God is leading us.