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For the last several weeks of 2020, I had the joyous opportunity to participate in so much goodness through FUMC’s participation in the Contact Mission Christmas Store and at Eugene Field. This has been a trying year, partly because we couldn’t do all of the “good things” we normally do to engage families in West Tulsa. However, in spite of the challenges, it has opened up opportunities for goodness to happen in unexpected ways and for this I am so grateful.
I don’t have all the numbers for Christmas Store but I know that more than 100 families, all from West Tulsa, were able to shop and provide Christmas gifts for their own kids. That adds up to more than 400 children that were blessed through Contact Mission this Christmas. I saw so many parents that I know personally through things we do in a normal year at Eugene Field. Community Night Out, Spark Bible Kid’s Club, and Reading Partners to name a few. I even heard a testimony from someone who used to work at the school whose husband had cancer and we had prayed for fervently. She was excited to tell me that her husband was cancer free and she was giving all the glory to God and thanking me for all the prayers prayed. What a witness to the goodness of God.
Thank you so much for your efforts, your generosity, and your support of this effort. Thank you for all of the gifts donated, for the money given so we could shop, for those who shopped and delivered gifts and for those who came and worked at the store. It was a joyous thing to get to watch families shop for their children and to get to pray with each one. I witnessed God’s grace and mercy and healing touch over and over again all glory and praise to God.
A special thank you to our own Firsties. I know it was a disappointment to them to not be able to go on their usual mission trips this past summer, but because of this change of plans, they so graciously were able to make a lot of goodness happen at Eugene Field this year. They provided $50.00 Amazon gift cards for every staff person. They also sponsored 4 classes at Eugene Field with a toy, a coat and a book. And they provided special gifts for 28 Bible Kid’s Club students.
Thank you again for being the vessels through which the goodness of God could touch the hearts and lives of people. In this way you have been a witness to His goodness and grace which we all need.
Shelli Pleasant/FUMC West Tulsa Coordinator
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