Transformational Engagement Relationships and Prayer

Transformational Engagement Relationship and Prayer are the two pillars that FUMC’s outreach to Eugene Field was built on.
Another word we’ve used for relationship is “Presence”. The goal to pray and be present in the neighborhood, to be aware of and available to all that God is doing and join him where he is calling us…still drives our endeavors in this West Tulsa Community.
We have moved away from doing things “for” those we love and serve to doing things “with” them, knowing that transformation happens through relationship and this is by God’s design. It is not us and them…it is we. We all need Jesus and God is working for the transformation of us all. We still do some things for those we love and serve in the Eugene Field neighborhood, but only when we are asked to do so, and when it is truly helpful. Our goals have always been and still are to love, pray for, support, and encourage Eugene Field staff in the work God has called them to do. Did you know that 45 intercessors love, pray for, support and encourage Eugene Field Staff through their prayers and tangible gifts of love throughout the school year?
We also look for opportunities to engage children and families and to provide resources for all to grow, learn and experience life together. Community Night Out is the perfect example of this. We share a meal, we build gingerbread houses, we have a dance party, we play games, make gratitude banners, take family photographs, all with the goal of engaging families, Eugene Field Staff, the community, and our FUMC church family, having fun, and growing together.
The Contact Mission Christmas Store is another great example of “Transformational Engagement”. We get to provide a way for parents to “provide” Christmas gifts for their own children. We join with others in providing gifts and then we step aside and watch God do amazing miracles through prayer, serving a meal, hospitality, and a little Christmas shopping.
So you might ask, how does the gospel fit? We are living the gospel, the Good News that Jesus Christ is alive, and letting the light of his love shine through us and carrying the message that resurrection life is available to whosoever will. We trust that God is present and will do any saving work that needs to be done. We are also honoring God’s creation, offering dignity and worth to whomever God brings across our path. We are loving people with the love of Jesus. 
So when we think of things we will do at Eugene Field. These are the pillars, the guideposts that guide us…Prayer, Presence, Relationship, Transformational Engagement, Love, Support, Encouragement, Empowerment, Growth, Experience, Resources, and the Good News of Jesus. The challenge is that we still like doing things "for" people, because it makes us feel good and it makes us look good.
Here’s the truth…it’s not about us.
It is about the work that God is doing. We could list all of the things that we have done over the years and are doing at Eugene Field, but we might miss the point. This work is not about numbers, or programs, or giveaways. It is work that is accomplished not by human hands…not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. This work is accomplished by surrender and obedience to the Spirit of saying “yes” to what he is calling us to do.
If you’d like to know more about serving at Eugene Field or participating in the Contact Mission Christmas Store, contact Shelli Peasant, [email protected].
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