I went on a Joyride and it changed my life...

Back in August, Chuck Horton and Nichole Nordeman came up with an idea to go caroling…or more appropriately…hymning. They named the idea Joyride, because they’d be bringing joy to people who, because of the ongoing pandemic, can’t leave their homes or residential facilities. They gathered a team of singing staff members and decided that each week we’d take a church van and go sing to two or three people.
I was skeptical of the idea at first. How can we do this safely? Would people want us to come? I don’t interact with this particular group of staff members very often. What will it be like to ride in a van with them? I just wasn’t sure about this whole endeavor.
Joyrides became one of the things I looked forward to most each week.
We gathered safely distanced to sing in people’s yards or outside the windows of their facilities. I was brought to tears more than once as I saw the joy on the faces of the people listening to our songs. I felt the Holy Spirit move as Chuck prayed for the needs of the people we were visiting. I listened intently as more than one person shared a testimony of how God had moved or was moving in their lives. I stood in awe as others from the neighborhoods and facilities gathered around because their friends simply could not keep this joy for themselves. I laughed as people with the gift of hospitality disappeared into their homes and reappeared seconds later with trays of treats to give to us.
Beyond the blessings that came on our visits, I also discovered a new camaraderie with my FUMC coworkers. Sometimes we get so focused on our tasks with our heads down that we forget to enjoy the people God has placed into our lives for this season. On the drives, we talked about anything and everything and even prayed for one another as we weaved in and out of traffic all over town.
God continues to move in and through our church. God continues to move in the City of Tulsa. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.
If you know of a member of FUMC who could use some joy, email the name to Donna Richey at [email protected].
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