Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?
A Faith Promise is a personal commitment, made in faith, for world outreach. When we make this commitment, we say, “By faith I commit to give a certain amount of money, and I trust God to enable me to fulfill this commitment.” Faith Promise money is given above and beyond a regular tithe to the church budget.
Where does Faith Promise money go?
Faith Promise money is used to support our global partners and ministry partnerships, allowing us to put resources into sharing the message of Christ in our own community and around the world. It is also utilized for Volunteer In Mission teams throughout the year. In addition, Faith Promise gifts help with missionary care, our Local-Field West Tulsa, Near-Field Guatemala, and Far-Field North Africa areas of mission.
How do I make a Faith Promise?
  1. Pray and ask the Lord what he would have you give!
  2. Commit yourself by faith to give a specific amount for global mission, trusting God to provide.
  3. Look for God-sightings in your Faith Promise and share your story with others.
  4. Be faithful to give what God has provided.

Our Global Partners


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Our Friends


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Middle East

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Our Friends


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