Why I Serve: Ed Dubie

I have been asked why I am so committed to volunteering at my church.  That’s a pretty easy question for me.  I have been an usher/greeter at FUMC for close to 40 years, and I now also serve as a Care Chaplain in the Congregational Care ministry.
Many years ago, I read a poem written by Sam Shoemaker entitled, “I Stand at the Door”.  Shoemaker states the most wondrous thing in the world is for folks to find the door – the door to God.  Nothing else matters compared to helping them find, open, and walk through the door to Him.  I have always loved to “stand at the door”, and I understand the importance of that first connection into this sacred space.  Those of us who have settled in and call this place “home”, need to remember how it felt when we first came through these doors.  That would remind us to be available and ready to help those who have not yet found or come through the door to God.  We have to guard against going in to the church so deeply, and staying so long, that we forget the people outside our doors.  My place seems closer to the openings so I stand at the door, near enough in for worship and to feel His presence, but not so far from guests that I cannot see and engage them.  They are looking for the door to God and I want to make certain it’s wide open.
Both my late wives were in the helping profession.  Carolyn worked with DHS and helped folks with disabilities.  My late wife, Rev. Laura Wolfe Dubie, was an Elder in the Church and ministered in Pastoral Care.  I saw how she cared for people in the hospital, and others who were in the process of transitioning to heaven.  She was as good as anyone I know at ministering to those on that journey.  I saw how much members of our church appreciated her, and how much she was blessed by that ministry.  I went with her on occasion and decided that when I retired from serving on staff at the church, I would volunteer as a Care Chaplain, with Rev. Chuck Horton.  I felt this would honor Laura and Carolyn, and I have been blessed by numerous visits to our older members, with Dave Dallenbach and Rev. Charles Baumann.  We often administer communion during our visits, and it is so appreciated.  If you are looking for a place or two to serve, you would be graciously embraced by the Connection and Congregational Care ministries, and you too will be richly blessed.
Why do I serve?  Because I am called by God, and so are you.
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