Birthday Banquet

Sunday, February 28

12:45 p.m. | In Person & Online

What is Birthday Banquet?

Birthday Banquet is our annual youth mission fundraiser. It's part silent auction, part live auction, and a huge party celebrating the goodness of God.
This year, the entire auction will take place online. If you aren’t joining us in person, the online auction will begin at 12:45 p.m., so you’ll have time to get home after church, get your lunch, and get logged on. (Note that the stream for this event will be located on the auction/bidding page.)

What was the 2020 Birthday Banquet money used for?

One question that we have had frequently is in regard to the funds raised from our 2020 Birthday Banquet. Funds raised from our 2020 Birthday Banquet are ear-marked for youth missions and are kept in a separate account from the general youth ministry fund. Some of the money was used to pay 2020 mission trip deposits to organizations that we partner with. Those funds are being rolled over to this year. Last year we were encouraged by the leadership team to use funds on local mission. We were able to partner with Eugene Field Elementary and purchase Christmas gifts for kids in four classes. We also purchased every teacher and staff member at the school an Amazon gift card. Beyond that, we used funds to support a few smaller projects such as an elementary Bible Club Christmas Party and to aid the ministry of Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch. The rest of the funds are still in the Birthday Banquet account. We do not know the impact that Covid-19 will have on receiving donation items or auction donations, so the leadership team thought it would be wise to hold on to over half of the raised money for a “rainy day” fund in-case donations received in 2021 are lower.